Dust isn’t the only cause of Allergic Eczema. Go organic.

It takes a lot of work to keep on top of dust, and keep allergic eczema at bay. Endless dusting, cleaning and freezing of items to kill off mites and to wash away the allergen.  It’s tempting, at the end of the working day, to give yourself a big pat on the back on a job well done as you sit and admire your pristine bed sheets and gleaming tiled floor.

However, the field of allergies is complicated. Each allergy sufferer is different and it’s not as simple as saying “I have a a dust allergy” and that’s it.  If only it were.

In all likelihood dust allergy sufferers will have many other triggers. There are common families of allergens. Dust goes hand in hand with pollen, can and dog dander and even milk and lactose in triggering an outbreak of allergic eczema.

It’s a total minefield of possible triggers and can make life quite miserable, especially if you let your guard down for a minute and forget your friend has just got a new cat!

What I have discovered recently though is a simple way to ensure nothing, and I mean nothing, can bring out your symptoms. And that’s to ditch as many chemicals as possible.

Washing powder and soaps seems just as hostile to skin as dust mites are.  And if your skin is already irritated, or even broken, by nagging eczema harsh chemicals could be the last thing it wants, even if it isn’t necessarily an allergic reaction. It might be a drastic change to ditch them all, but it can be done.

Household detergent is especially problematic since you sleep on pillows laced with it. I actually rinsed out my bedding recently and the sink filled with soap.  I couldn’t believe the amount of soap that was left over even after the rinse cycle of the washing machine. That was a real eye opener, and totally changed my thinking on the subject of soaps.

There are some fantastic non-allergenic detergents out there. There is also perfume free, mud soap and fragrance free moisturiser.  I’ve recently been using a fantastic pine resin based soap, which seems to do the job and smells like a Norwegian forest.  What’s not to like about that?

So you should really consider ditching all that expensive shower gel, face cream and soap for the simplest, fragrance free, non allergenic versions. Why undo all the hard work to keep house dust mites out of your home only to have other allergens and triggering chemicals bring your symptoms back with a vengeance? Particularly as prevention is always better than cure.  Since making these small changes I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my allergic eczema levels.

Try it, and see if you notice a difference!

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