Dust Allergy Quick Tips: #6

When you’re trying to cut down on dust, clutter is the absolute worst.  The devil.  The unrelenting collector of dust.  If you spend anywhere as near as much time on a computer as I do, you might find it difficult to stay on top of all those wires, mice, monitors, cables and chargers.  But it’s essential you do.  It’s near impossible to actually dust a mass of wires and cables, tangled up like a haystack.  The only way to remove the dust is to unplug and wipe them all down individually, which you should do regularly.

However it would be far better to keep on top of all this clutter in the first place. First of all, ditch all the non essentials.  As we speak I’m staring at a charger for my work phone which has enough battery on it to last until next April.  I don’t need that charger at the moment, so out it comes, to be stored.  There are also loads of cable tidiers and management tools out there.  If you can keep clutter to a minimum, and keep what items you do have neat and tidy you will go a long way towards conquering your dusty desk area.

Tidy cable management.
Tidy cable management.

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