Dust Allergy Quick Tips #10: Go Clutter Free to Stop Dust

Most of a dust allergy sufferers problems stem from the bedroom. Your bed, your mattress, your clothes and your furniture all contribute to the habitat a dust mite will thrive in. Then during the night you shed hair and skin which eventually leads to the build up of dust in your atmosphere where you sleep, and spend the majority of your time.

Whilst it might not be possible for everyone, if you can, try to eliminate everything but the completely necessary items from your bedroom. Could all your clothes live in the spare bedroom? Could you remove that television from your room altogether, and simply watch it elsewhere?

You should aim to make your room a dust free oasis. Free from any object that could gather even the slightest dust, and a real sleeping paradise. Not only will this help your dust allergy symptoms, but if you can also remove any computers, screens or technology from your bedroom you should also experience a more relaxed sleep without technological distractions.

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