Dust Allergy Quick Tips #13: Antihistamines at Night

Most allergy sufferers will be aware of anti-histamines.  They’re the common, over the counter tablets which counteract the overactive levels of histamine in the body.  However taking them at the appropriate times is also an important part of your allergy routine.

As the bed is the place with the greatest concentration of dust and dust mites, a good rule of thumb is to take one close to bed time, so they can work their magic as you sleep.  Some anti-histamines also have drowsy affects, and are in fact prescribed in some cases for insomnia, so taking one before bed is an ideal way to relax into an allergy free slumber.

Likewise, the mornings can be problematic for lots of people.  I often wake up with itchy, puffy eyes and frankly don’t feel human till at least lunchtime, so another allergy tablet in the mornings can help you get over the hump as you wake up.

So remember, one at night to get you to sleep, and one in the morning to clear your allergies.  Works for me.

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