One of the worst, and most pronounced, symptoms of an airborne allergy such as house dust mite is eye problems. Everybody who suffers knows the drill. You wake up and your eyes are inflamed, sore, red and itchy.

Of course you take your antihistamines and normally, throughout the day, you see a steady reduction in swelling. Often you can feel perfectly fine when the evening comes around as your eyes have had plenty of time to settle down.

However if you need an immediate, quick fix to help you get through that interview or dreaded Monday morning meeting, allergy eye drops are a great weapon in your arsenal.

I normally keep a bottle in my drawer, ready to go if I’m suffering and they really do give you an instant boost. They really help to settle your eyes down and get you back on track, particularly if you’re looking at a computer screen all day.

The downside of eye drops is their short shelf life. Bottles often have a month long expiry from the date of opening, which is why I only break them out when I really need them as opposed to having them a part of my daily routine.

But if they’re not something you’ve tried before, give them a shot. Look for the eye drops that are specifically for allergic reactions and – as always – make sure you read and follow the instructions.

Hope this helps!