Dust Diary: Day 47

Hello everyone. Brief allergy updates here.

I think my year of allergy attention is really starting to pay off. For lack of a better analogy, let’s do a world first and make the analogy of allergies as the stock market:

Eczema – down.

Sinusitis – down.

Fatigue – down.

Perrenial allergic rhinitis – down.

Despite the testing winter conditions which I routinely moan about, in terms of allergies I’m in great shape.

Don’t get me wrong, I still reach for the Sudafed occasionally, but for someone with allergies as severe as mine to be feeling fairly human – it’s all positive.

So how have I got there? I suppose by prioritising my health over nearly everything else.

This means absolutely zero alcohol. Never missing a day on my steroid inhaler. Drinking LOADS of water, to prevent my sinuses from drying up. And of course lots and lots of dusting.

It’s a grind. I miss the pub and my social life has taken a big hit.

But the overall positives far outweigh the negatives.

If you suffer from similar airborne allergies I urge you to join me this year. Put everything you have got into improving your health and see where it takes you.

You really can improve your quality of life.

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