OK. I’m not going to tell you anything earth shattering here. I’m not a Doctor or a pharmacist of any kind and I’m not going to tell you anything you hadn’t already heard. But something dawned on me recently when I set my mind on working out how to beat allegies once and for all. My Allergies at least.

My main allergen is, of course, house dust mite. I’ve had this confirmed in not one but two skin prick tests. These tests also confirmed allergies to all the usual related substances. Pollen is the main one. Then cats, dogs, trees, grass and badger.

Okay,I made that last one up. They don’t test for badger, surprisingly. Who knows, perhaps I am?

But seriously, the rest is true. And as we approach the British summertime, we’ll. Not a day goes by when I’m not subjected to house dust mite and pollen in the air. It’s a 24 hour battle.

So, what’s my huge tip for how to Beat allergies?

Simply routine. I know what I’m allergic to and I have medication that keeps it at bay. Antihistamines, nasal sprays etc.

However, where I’ve always gone wrong in the past is failing to keep taking them. I’d skip a day here or there. I’d go out without my antihistamines. Or skip them so I could drink alcohol. Then I’d wonder why I was struggling all the time?

You simply have to have an iron discipline. I think of it like a thermometer if you like. Every day where I don’t take them proper2the temperature is rising, and every day I do take them it’s falling a little. I have to constantly keep it at bay. A bit like Keanue Reeves driving that bus in Speed. Or was it Sandra Bullock?

I can’t remember. Anyway, someone was driving a bus, and they had to keep it at a constant level or things all went very wrong. And that’s how I operate.

So of you’re struggling, why not give it a try? Take your medication religiously, according to the instructions. The same time of day every day of you can, so you build up a routine.

See if you notice the difference.