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I’m a writer, blogger and web design enthusiast.  Over the years many years I’ve acquired expertise in dust related allergies and symptoms including perennial sinusitis, rhinitis, eczema and asthma.  In 2017 I decided to develop a single, quality resource for fellow sufferers to help remedy their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Dustblog aims to provides information on house dust mites, on health conditions and on associated remedies and products.  The idea is to provide my own personal commentary on what it’s like to live with a dust allergy which hopefully will help a few people along the way.

On Dustblog I aim to provide the most objective views possible, always evidence led, and as such have a zero tolerance threshold for homeopathy or pseudo-science.

In the field of allergies there are a number of homeopathic, herbal and ‘traditional’ remedies. Although I don’t judge anybody else if they have a treatment which they value, I consider all such remedies placebos which have no basis in fact.  If it works for you great, but I will never endorse anything that I don’t believe has any scientific or empirical basis or merit.

 If I recommend a product it is always on the basis that this product has been deemed to provide relief for allergy sufferers, and never for solely commercial gains.  In fact one of the main aims of my blog is to provide a serious criticism of false claims and remedies which are often pitched at allergy sufferers and believe me, there are a lot! For example one allergist I once visited took a look at me and determined my eczema was down to all that smoking I do.  I don’t smoke.  Needless to say I didn’t go back.

In fact I owe that woman a debt of gratitude because since then I decided, “why on earth am I visiting strange women with no qualifications?” when I could be getting serious medical advice.  And I hope to share some of the information I’ve gathered with you guys.


I want to share knowledge and expertise as much as possible with the goal of mitigating suffering among house dust mite allergy sufferers, and learn a little along the way. That means both sharing my experiences and also learning from the experiences of readers and fellow sufferers.

So please connect with us, and interact on our blog posts so we can start a conversation in the war against house dust mite.

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