Dust Diary: Day 14

Hello everyone. Still in the depths of darkest winter here in the UK. There is a slight South Easterly wind blowing. With temperatures highs of 6 degrees and lows of -1 tonight, enough to test the most thermal of underwear, but not enough to raise even an eyebrow from a Norwegian. Why am I rambling … Continue reading Dust Diary: Day 14

Dust Diary: Day 11

Hello everyone. Much improved dust allergy symptoms today. It's been such a worthwhile exercise starting this diary, as it's given me a reason to log my experiences, and try and gain some momentum, as opposed to constantly discovering different things and then forgetting them again. So following my skin issues earlier in the week relating … Continue reading Dust Diary: Day 11

Dust Diary: Day 8

Hello everybody, and welcome to 2018. A new year is always a time for renewal and reflection, and what better time than directly after the holidays to try and improve yet further on our dust situation. Unless you're David Blaine, or Magneto, living in a plastic box than there is dust around you. You can … Continue reading Dust Diary: Day 8