Controlling dust allergy symptoms is a constant battle, and a complicated one.  Sufferers will know symptoms range from obvious, observable ailments like sneezing, itchy eyes, eczema and a blocked nose.

What is less obvious though, and seriously frustrating and even depressing, is constant sinus pain. Having to explain to your boss that tiny, microscopic dust mites are clogging up your sinuses when you have no other visible symptoms can be frustrating and embarassing.

One of the best ways to relieve this nagging pain however, is consider the effect temperature has on the sinuses. Simple science dictates that in cold weather things contract and in hot weather they expand.

With that in mind, dust allergy and sinus pain sufferers should try to experience as much warm weather as possible where the whole head and sinuses can relax and expand. If you’re not able to live in the tropics, a two week holiday somewhere warm can hugely improve your symptoms and help you understand the relationship between heat and sinus pain.

Try it. Get out there and feel the difference. And as always, breathe.