A major new breakthrough could be on the horizon for house dust mite allergy sufferers, and it comes in the field of immunotherapy  Merck, in collaboration with world leaders in immunotherapy ALK-Abello, could be about to bring a pill to the market to relieve the symptoms of millions of allergy sufferers worldwide.

As with traditional immunotherapy techniques, the aim is to steadily expose the sufferers to increasingly greater doses of the allergen to train the body into not overreacting and releasing the chemical histamine, which causes the adverse symptoms.  Immunotherapy currently exists for various allergy sufferers, but is often delivered intravenously by injections, and can be costly and uncomfortable.  Likewise the success of such therapies is currently less than reliable.

The new pill MK-8237 however is in the final clinical trial stages and under review by the relevant authorities, with a view to being released to the mass market

Merck’s head of clinical research Stuart Green had this to say about the exciting discovery.

“This is an important milestone in the clinical development of MK-8237 as a potential new option for adults with house dust mite-induced allergic rhinitis with or without conjunctivitis. House dust mites are a source of a common perennial allergen and frequently live in household objects such as upholstered furniture, bedding and carpeting.”

This was music to the ears of dustblog.com.  Dust allergy sufferers will know it’s a constant battle to keep symptoms at bay which can upset sleeping, eating, working, exercise and basically every aspect of daily life.  Whilst there are a number of different medications on the market to deal with the symptoms of dust mite exposure and allergy, we have always advocated that prevention is better than a cure.  Who wants to continually get sick and have to take more and more invasive and costly medication, right?

However MLK-8237, although a pharmaceutical, is firmly in the field of prevention.  If successful, and if it becomes readily available in your local pharmacy this could really, potentially, fingers crossed become the silver bullet that allergy sufferers have dreamed of for years.

There will still be a number of hurdles on the horizon for dust allergy sufferers.  First of all there will doubtless be a number of related allergens which are not tackled by MK-8237 such as pollen, pet dander and food allergies.  Then there’s the long time damage that might have been done to sinus tissue and to skin following years of allergic reactions.  However this is still an enormous milestone, but I for one am hopeful that the wonder of scientific discovery will finally deliver the killer blow to house dust mite allergy.

It will mean looking for alternative blogging employment, but that will be a perfectly agreeable scenario.

And, breathe. We hope.