Sufferers of house dust mite allergy will know all too well that the source of most of their pain is to be found in the bedroom. Whilst the bedroom is the place of nocturnal bliss and, dare I say, passion, it is also known to store huge amounts of dust. And where does dust love the most? Beds.  A dust mite mattress cover will provide some relief, but it’s also worth considering changing your mattress entirely.

Beds are warm. They’re damp from sweat and they’re poorly aerated. They provide the ideal breeding ground for dust mites to thrive and are virtually impossible to keep 100% dust mite free.

A dust mite mattress cover should be the first step as you attempt to combat your dust allergy.  The phrase you need to know when selecting a cover is ‘fully encasing’.  I’ve got through a number of covers over the years which claim to contain pesticides and various other things to ward off dust mites, but only cover the top of the bed.  The only way to ensure you come into contact with little to no dust is to use a fully encasing mattress cover which makes the entire mattress impenetrable to dust mites.  They’ll hate you for it, as you’ve essentially rendered them homeless, but that’s part of the satisfaction!

So whilst it’s essential to use a dust mite mattress cover to protect your bed, inevitably most mattresses will gather dust at some point.

With that in mind dust allergy sufferers should strongly consider regular replacement of their mattress, even if they are keeping their existing mattress as clean as possible with covers. Mattresses are an investment, and an expensive one at that, so people must consider carefully their comfort and their spinal health.

However as an allergy sufferer there is no greater step, no more effectual silver bullet than to ditch the old, clogged mattress for a new, fresh, dust mite free one.

I have boiled down this technique to an annual replacement, if possible.  Now this might sound excessive, but given the importance of the mattress in terms of storing dust, it’s necessary.

This of course means money. I have chosen to regularly buy a cheap mattress, even choosing rollable ones, off the shelf, and sacrificing the potential effect on my back and spine. For me, the equation is simple. Dust is like kryptonite to sufferers. It collects in your mattress, pillows, carpets and bedding, even if you’re using a dust mite mattress cover.  With that in mind, anything you can possibly do to remove it should be considered and done. Often. If this means sacrificing the quality of your mattress to make this affordable, it’s got to be worth it.

As it happens I have found the rollable, pre-packed mattresses you can buy off the shelf are actually comfortable! It leads me to believe that so long as you don’t leave mattresses until they’re totally misshapen and ruined they’re perfectly adequate. And the effect a completely dust free mattress will have on your allergies will be astronomical.

By day one you will feel you symptoms decrease. By day two you will feel drastically different. And within a week you might even entirely ‘healed’ as that huge source of dust was banished for good.

As with everything dust related though, the battle goes on. You must air your bed, you must protect it with a cover and you must constantly dust and battle the invading mites. See these pages for more tips.

But making that one big change might be the greatest investment for your health that you ever made.