Dust allergy sufferers will know there are numerous products on the market which claim to be the magic cure for all dust allergy issues.  There are sprays, filters, bedding, masks, mattresses. Even UV lights and weird machines which claim to emit ultra-sonic noises to disrupt the dust mites and have them fleeing for the hills.

However, as you can imagine, a lot of this stuff is nonsense that won’t help you in the slightest.  There is one product however which is demonstrably useful in removing the harmful dust allergen from the air, and that’s an air purifier, or filter.

The quality of air in modern homes is almost inherently poor.  Dust allergy and asthma sufferers are particularly susceptible to reactions relating to poor air and while nothing beats opening a window and getting some good old fresh air, an air purifier is the next best thing and a crucial weapon in the arsenal of an allergy sufferer.

In colder climates, or even in high rise buildings with little or no option to open a window and properly circulate air, an air purifier drastically increases the quality of air in which we breathe, and therefore lowers the amount of allergens or toxins we breathe in.

As with everything at dustblog.com, we’re only interested in proper, empirical evidence of products that work, and that’s what makes air purifiers so satisfying. Air purifiers literally trap and cling on to dust and you can see it with your own eyes when you clean the filter that there are numerous grams of harmful dust you would otherwise have been breathing in.

When choosing an air purifier it’s essential to choose one with a quality HEPA filter which is able to filter out even microscopic particles, and avoid simply recycling the allergens back into the atmosphere.

A brand which does the job for us is Bionaire, one of the most trusted in filtration brands for allergy sufferers.  As well as the compact models, they also make taller, free standing filters which are ideal for larger rooms or open plan apartments.

We don’t endorse every machine or gadget, but in the case of air quality and particularly in damp, cold environments where people spend a lot of time indoors, an air purifier really is essential and will go a long way towards keeping your house dust mite free.