If you suffer from house dust mite allergy you need to consider a range of responses from cleaning and allergy proof bedding to medication and specialist medical advice. However, as a starter, here are five killer ways to start the fight back and remove dust mites, which will mean a huge improvement to your overall health.


  • There can be no greater or more obviously effective measure against house dust mite than removing it properly. Yet so many either don’t do it, or do a lazy job and miss light fittings and cupboards. The best way is to employ the damp dusting technique, or use a microfibre cloth.  This won’t just move dust around the room but will actually cling on to it and remove it from the environment.  Consider every hiding place.  Light fittings, windowsills, door handles.  Don’t let a rogue patch of dust undo all your hard work.

Improve your bed situation.

  • Get a better bed.. Your mattress, your duvet and your pillows are the number one source of your dust woes, and you spend a third of your life in that place. What better way to remove dust mites than to make them homeless? Get a clean mattress and take the time to keep it clean and properly protected from dust with fully encased covers.  And what about the stand, or base of your bed.  It it worn out, and covered in dust?  Throw that bad boy out and get a simple, cheap slatted base for your clean new mattress.

Freezing to remove dust mites.

  •  Wash or freeze your bedding. House dust mites cannot stand a temperature of 60 degrees or above so turn up that dial and wash at least weekly. However some items are unsuitable for washing on a high temperature. If you have soft toys or pillows which cannot be washed at 60, they can be frozen in a sealed, protective bag overnight to kill the mites dead in their tracks.  Don’t forget though, it’s the allergen, not the mites themselves which cause the allergy.  A pillow may remain full of dust allergen even after the mites are long dead.  In this case, they need to be replaced.

lose the carpets.

  • Get rid of your carpets. Why spend forever vacuuming dirty carpets to remove dust mites when you can have a lovely, dust free wood floor or lino? There’s nothing better in my opinion than stepping barefoot on to a lovely, warm wooden floor.  Free of dust, free of all that nasty stuff that collects in carpets.  It really is an essential step for dust allergy sufferers.

Invest in an air purifier

  • Household air quality is notoriously poor and opening a window will breathe fresh air throughout the home. When you can’t do that, turn on your purifier and let it suck all that dust out of the air. You’ll be amazed at the volume of dust that accumulates when you change the filter, even in a relatively clean and ventilated home.  This is one of the more expensive stages, but it’s essential as far as dust is concerned.

Take a look at your environment.  Yes, it’s a pain that you have dust allergy at all, but it’s not incurable.  If you’re sat amongst dusty furniture, old carpets and poor quality air then of course your symptoms are worse.  But don’t sit there and feel sorry for yourself, get up and get started on these first five steps.  You will feel begin to feel the benefit almost immediately.