Sinus pain can be incredibly debilitating for anyone who suffers from it, particularly those with a dust allergy.

You may feel like you’re doing everything you can to treat your dust allergy, similarly to hay fever, by taking your eye drops, your antihistamines, dusting and vacuuming regularly.  Yet nagging sinus pain keeps you dizzy, drowsy and drained.

The truth is the sinuses are very complicated and sensitive. They’re a network of capillaries which regulate air and mucus flow. The problem is, even the slightest change in atmosphere or temperature can set them off.  And it’s not always dust.

If you’re a long time dust allergy sufferer, sinus pain is probably a way of life for you.  Your sinuses are fighting off dust mites so frequently that they will be more inflamed and more sensitive than most people. And here’s the problem.

I’ve found that because of this, dust allergy sufferers need to treat their sinuses with the utmost respect. That means avoiding anything that could further trigger a bout of sinusitis.

Smoking is out of the question. Drinking heavily should be avoided. Anything that could leave you dehydrated and cause the sinuses to contract should be avoided. And also cold temperatures will cause the sinuses to close up and could soon have you feeling that familiar ‘fog’ in the head.

It’s tough, but mastering your routine is the key. Once you understand that the cold weather is playing havoc with your health, you know to avoid those skiing holidays. It’s just not for you. Go for two weeks in Marbella instead soaking up all that lovely sun and giving your allergies time off.

And I know you love that sweet, coffee like flavour of your favourite tobacco, but smoking with a dust allergy is ludicrous and will destroy your sinus health, not to mention the multiple other health concerns.

So when it comes to sinus pain, don’t neglect the different triggers. Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, avoid your allergens and keep nice and warm. And feel the benefits of a nice, clear head. You’ll thank me for it.