There are multiple resources on the web to aide allergy and eczema sufferers in their quest to overcome their symptoms.  These can include both qualified, medical opinion and also personal, independent research through people’s allergy blogs.  After scouring the web for a few months, I’ve put together my top 5 favourite fellow allergy blogs.

1 Allergy Cosmos

Allergy Cosmos is an awesome, and thorough resource for all types of allergic symptoms.  You can search for information and products by the condition you have, for example rhinitis, or even search for different types of air purifier filter by the type of particle you need to trap. Cool, eh?

2. Wellness Mama

As allergy blogs go, Wellness Mama has got this thing down.  With a mind boggling array of blogs, features, books, podcasts and recipes you can soak up countless ideas on how to maintain a home, and a diet, that will improve your quality of life. Check out this piece on organic mattresses.  Really gets you thinking.  I’m very much of the opinion that changing your mattress altogether, regularly, is the best solution to fight dust mites – but it’s also worth considering the effect of chemicals in mattresses in your selection.


The original, and still the best, resource on house dust mites on the web.  Founded in 1999 these guys have been dedicated to researching the tiny creatures and their evil ways ever since.  With a pleasantly simple website, you could read it for hours about the latest developments in the dust mite world.  And you should!

4. What Allergy

This is a really cool, basic blog on all sorts of allergies.  It’s an almost encyclopedic list of advice, blogs, conditions and reports.  Apparently hay fever is increasing it’s prevalence among UK adults year on year.  Why on earth would that be the case?  I know because I read it on What Allergy.  For the dust allergy fraternity, which is our main concern, there’s a great piece on the perils of staying at a dusty youth hostel.  It’s a topic I’ve touched on before – the unexpected, dusty environments that catch you unawares.  These guys understand that, and seem genuinely knowledgeable, and not just on the blogging gravy train.  Good job guys.

5. The Essential Life

Okay, not strictly an allergy blog, but as all eczema and allergy sufferers will know, using alternative and organic products can make the world of difference.  Check out these pages on organic living.  I know for me, when I’ve needed to look for a spot treatment, or a shampoo, ordinary products are far too harsh for my skin and leave me an itchy, inflamed mess.  There are also a lot of resources on wellness, mindfulness and yoga.  That’s all good advice for people looking for a healthier, more holistic lifestyle in sync with their allergy struggles.

As with all allergy blogs, it’s essential to treat all information you’re given with a healthy dose of scepticism, including this one.  We are amateur bloggers, but with a wealth of knowledge acquired over a number of years struggling against allergy symptoms.  We should never replace qualified medical opinion, but can certainly improve and assist your daily struggle against allergies.

So get reading!  Use the bits that make sense to you, and seem realistic to achieve.  And discard the rest.  I’ve got it down to using the soaps that work for me and that my local store stocks.  Using a vaccuum cleaner that works, but is also within my budget.  And washing my bedding with a regularity that suits my working schedule.

And, alongside medical advice from my doctor, allergy blogs are an essential resource to help me achieve that.