I’ve been reading a lot recently about how to achieve an allergy free home. There are numerous measures you can take to limit airborne allergens and dust mites.  However considering the type of home you live in could be the most important decision of all.

I have written numerous articles to date on how to clean your carpets and bedding etc to keep house dust mites at bay.  But when you think about it, if you live in a ten bedroom mansion this is clearly going to be an uphill battle.  If, on the other hand, you live in a trailer or caravan you’re probably going to find it much easier to maintain and therefore keep allergy free.  All jokes aside, living in a caravan could actually be the allergy holy grail.  You’re never more than a single step away from the fresh air of the great outdoors and your vacuuming could all be done within three minutes.

Before you all start rushing out to buy yourself a new trailer or houseboat, there are other considerations in the negative column.  These types of properties can be notoriously cold and for someone with poor sinus health a cold nights sleep is completely off limits.  Not to mention the other considerations in terms of size and practicality.  So what steps can you take to live in a truly allergy free home?

Size is the most obvious, but important consideration.  Why on earth would anyone with a problematic allergic condition choose to live in an extensive property with all that clutter, floor space and mess that they didn’t need?  An allergy free home is surely of greater importance than a large home, just for the sake of it.

With that in mind, a great choice would be a simple, minimal home but with expansive grounds or gardens.  That means little cleaning, dust and mess indoors but with lots of outdoor space to breathe in that lovely fresh air and relax and play.

The extreme version of this small home thinking would be a microhouse.  This is definitely not for everyone, but personally I think it looks very inviting.  Imagine housework being essentially 1% as large a job as it is now?  Providing there’s enough room to actually live comfortably then this could be the solution to an allergy free home that you’ve been looking for


allergy free home

Another realistic alternative for an allergy free home is a small apartment or flat.  Although you’re missing out on the benefits of a green space, you’ve still got benefits of a small square footage and minimal dusting and vacuuming.

As a regular camper I definitely feel the benefits of sleeping outdoors.  My tent has little to no dust in it with no mattresses, upholstery or linen apart from a simple sleeping bag.  There is certainly a connection with breathing in all that fresh, allergen free air and eczema and rhinitis symptoms.  However, as I mentioned earlier, the only downside is the low temperatures at night.  Cold weather causes the sinuses to contract, which is a huge problem for allergy sufferers.

With this in mind, for me, the perfect allergy free home would be one as small as a trailer or cabin, with the benefits of outdoor living.  But modern enough and insulated enough to keep you properly comfortable, warm and rested at night.  That seems to be what the chap in the first photo has with his modern microhome and fireplace.  No wonder he’s so happy!