Sinus health is one of the most troublesome areas of health for a dust allergy suffer to contend with.  I have tried what feels like hundreds of different products to try and improve my symptoms, some with better results than others and I recently came across the idea of using a saline spray for congestion

The idea works on the same principles as the neti pot, in that saltwater is used to both clear debris and mucus from the sinuses, but also to lubricate and relax the sensitive sinuses, making them less prone to inflammation for a while.

The product I found that attempts to perform this minor miracle of the sinuses is the Sterimar Nasal Spray.  At around £7 a bottle for just 200ml, “this had better be good!” I told myself.  In truth, it was just ok.

If you’re anything like me you feel a minor rush of excitement when you think you’ve stumbled across the answer to all your sinus worries.  Using a saline spray for congestion is something I’d dabbled with before of course, through the neti pot.

However to have a product with ready made, natural saline with a “micodiffusion” spray seemed more practical and quite clever.  Like a mini pressure washer for your sinuses.  And the fact it is completely drug free seemed like a bonus, as I’m always an advocate of taking as little medicated products as you can.

Does the Sterimar Nasal Spray work?

As I touched on before, the results are mixed.  Upon pressing down the nozzle you feel a pleasant, if slightly cold, diffusion of seawater washing through your sinuses.  It certainly seemed to wash away a small amount of mucous and relieve a little bit of pressure.

However on trying it I didn’t have a particularly bad congestion, just that lingering sort of sinus pressure that severe allergy sufferers know only too well.  Had I had a particularly bad sinus infection or blockage, then using a saline spray for congestion in this way would have been the perfect solution.

Would I use it again?

It’s certainly a convenience product.  The price for what it essentially saltwater is astronomical, and prohibitive in my case.  However if you’re travelling, or suffering an acute bout of sinusitis and want something quick and easy to free up sinus blockages, without medication, then this is perfect.

I wouldn’t use it on a daily basis.  It’s far cheaper and more realistic to make up your own batch of boiled, sterilised saline and use a neti pot.  However for that quick fix, the Sterimar is worth a shot.

There’s a lot of trial and error involved in combating allergies.  Everyone is different and every product is worth trying at least once, to see how it affects you.  And I intend to do so!