New research conducted by the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute has found a possible link between the taking of fish oil and the levels of allergy among children.

According to Fresh Science mothers who took high doses of the essential ingredient Omega-3 experienced fewer cases of eczema and allergic reactions in their children, in comparison with those who took no fish oil.

It is thought that the benefits of fish oil may have played a part in strengthening the recipients immune system, and thus being able to avoid the worst side affects of allergic reaction.

Fish oils such as cod liver oil are already taken widely by for a number of different health benefits, and it appears allergies may be just one of those. It is known that fish oil is a miraculous supplement in terms of improving skin, nails and hair as it contains a number of ingredients people fail to get regularly enough in our western diets.

One piece of research is not enough to make a definitive link between fish oil and allergies. However in my book, taking fish is already known to have numerous health benefits, so is a good addition to an already balanced diet. And if it comes with any added improvement in eczema, or any other allergic condition, then all the better!