We reported back in July that extensive research was being done to try and bring a pill to the pharmaceutical market that would reverse the allergic reactions in house dust mite allergy sufferers.

Using the same principals of traditional immunotherapy technology, but delivered in tablet form rather than through troublesome injections, the new pill offers a real and lasting possibility of health improvements for millions of people who suffer with allergies.

Well I’m delighted to report progress is being made. Pharmaceutical giant Stallergenes Greer are well on the way to introducing their STG320 product to the market, which is indeed already available in Autralia and the Asian Pacific.

As reported by Business Wire Stallergenes are advancing their product to make it market ready for launch in the US market by 2019

As previously reported, the idea of a simple, readily available immunotherapy tablet to counteract the worst affects of house dust mite allergy is tantilising. The sample of people used in research for such products is enormous, not least to ensure public safety, and the fact the product has already made its way onto the Japanese market gives us enormous hope.

Here to hoping I can report in the coming months and years exactly where you can get hold of STG320, and how it’s totally banished rhinitis forever. How great would that be?