Hello everybody, and welcome to 2018. A new year is always a time for renewal and reflection, and what better time than directly after the holidays to try and improve yet further on our dust situation.

Unless you’re David Blaine, or Magneto, living in a plastic box than there is dust around you. You can always do more to make your living and working environment cleaner, healthier and as a result calmer.

The key areas I focus on in this blog are dusting (of course) but also minimalism and decluttering, as well as focusing on the remedies and practices that you can use to improve your allergic situation.

So this year I’ve decided to keep a regular diary explaining how I put all this into practice. And with today being the 8th of January, let’s dive straight in at Day 8 and take a look at what I’ve been up to to keep the house dust mites at bay.


Today I’ve gone for a full, hands on wet dusting session. Taking my trusty microfibre dusters I’ve worked over every square inch of my bedroom to remove as much dust as possible, before disposing it all in the sink. Despite vacuuming regularly, there were still loads of spots I’d missed. You can’t exactly vacuum your mirror now can you.

My tiled floor is now so clean you could quite literally eat your dinner off it, and I’m confident I’ll feel the benefits instantly. I wasn’t having a particularly bad time with my allergies, but there was a spot of irritation in the skin. A deep clean usually takes care of it, and sets me up well for the year.


In the process of my clean I’ve come across all sorts of things I don’t need. Old wiring, odd socks, various boxes and packaging. And I’ve thrown the whole lot away. As I mention regularly on this blog, keeping unessential clutter to a minimum is absolutely vital to keeping dust levels low.

It also feels pretty cool to remove things from your space as well. I’ve thrown away 3 pairs of shoes I knew deep down I would never wear again. And with them being in reasonable condition they’ve gone to a local charity, so I don’t feel so bad. In fact, before long some kid will be walking around Africa in a pair of comfy shoes.

So for anyone like me, with a strong allergy to house dust mite, why not start to today with a big clean and decluttering session and see if you can keep it up for the whole year?

I know it will make a difference.