Hello everyone. I was doing so well. I was sleeping in the most dust free, minimalist environment I had done for many a year, feeling very smug with myself.

And after a long day I decided to give my sinuses a bit of TLC with a long, hot shower. The only problem was it was so long, and so hot that I suffered a strong allergic reaction, and my eczema went out if control.

It brought out a huge rash on my forehead, and actual bleeding across my nose. 

How foolish of me, I hear you cry. Well yes, quite. But when you’re feeling so relaxed, it’s really addictive so stay hours in a hot bath or shower, soothing away sinus pressure and aches and pains. 

However, it’s not all bad news! I went straight to the pharmacist, topped up on antihistamines and this seemed to calm things down a bit. And most importantly, I have learned a valuable lesson.

As ridiculous as it sounds, despite spending a large portion of my day worrying about eczema, I’d never actually put two and two together and realised that hot water could be a trigger.

But following this incident, and me looking like I’d just spent the day wandering in the desert, it’s quite clear that my skin is hugely intolerant of tese high temperatures.

Now, thats not to say I’m going to start taking cold showers from now on. But I certainly need to tone it down, and consider spending less time in there. 

I might do a proper blog post on the importance of getting water temperature right once I’m more sure of how the trigger works.

But for now, excuse me while I sulk for a while with my sore head.