Hello everyone. Much improved dust allergy symptoms today. It’s been such a worthwhile exercise starting this diary, as it’s given me a reason to log my experiences, and try and gain some momentum, as opposed to constantly discovering different things and then forgetting them again.

So following my skin issues earlier in the week relating to excessively hot water, my face is now thankfully on the mend. And in the last couple of days I’ve been consciously using only warm, not hot water when showering.

Of course, you can’t always pinpoint with 100% accuracy what is helping or hampering your eczema symptoms, but I have certainly seen an improvement.

I know for certain that I am allergic to dust, and as my main trigger my skin health will depend largely on how much I come into contact with it. However with hot water exacerbating the problem, toning down the temperature is one extra thing ticked off the list in terms of not making the problem worse.

In other news, I’ve found a store that sells ULTRA cheap bath salts. With me using no soap products whatsoever, pure salt is the best thing to use in a bath, but some products on the market at ludicrously overpriced. There’s one particular salt that is on the market for £7 a kilo. WTF!

However at a discount chemist here in the UK I’ve found a 500g (half a kilo) box of what claims to be dead sea salt for 79p! That’s more like it. So I’m now all stocked up, ready to go at a good price.

It’s always nice to find a bargain like this, as it ticks so many boxes. It’s the pure, natural product I need for my eczema, it’s at very reasonable price and it even comes in a simple cardboard box so I’m not buying any elaborate bottles or plastics. To a minimalist like me that’ll do nicely.