Hello everyone. Still on the crest of a mini mid-winter heatwave here, so still good on the allergy front.

Of late I’ve, as part of the new year effort we all try to make, I’ve made a significant effort to banish dust completely. I’ve put into practice all the techniques and ideas I’ve read over the years and I’ve got my living set up into a pretty good state.

One of the most important practices for dust allergy sufferers is of course dusting, but specifically damp dusting. This is the practice of using a damp cloth to not only agitate dust, but to literally collect it and remove it.

The downside of this method is it means lots of crawling around on all fours, dragging and rubbing at surfaces. And that’s why I decided to invest in a cheap paid of knee protectors to help me in the process. And what a good investment it was!

The difference I noticed was massive. Whereas before I was finding dusting properly a real chore, and coming out with aches and pains, it’s now super comfortable to kneel down for long periods to do a real thorough damp dust once a week. Plus they’re handy for other household and DIY tasks that require you to get down kneel.

So for any allergy or asthma sufferers who need to keep their environment clean, it’s not too late. It’s still January, so technically if you start now you can claim to have kept your resolution all year. I won’t tell anybody!