Hello everyone. Monster clear out yesterday, and for someone who claims to be a minimalist I couldn’t quite believe how much clutter I had.

If you had asked me before I would have sworn blind I had little to no junk. And yet, after much rummaging, out came cameras, old mobile phones, clothes, cables, and all manner of things I had no use for and no intention of ever doing anything with.

So after a good few hours at the computer I’ve listed an enormous amount of it on ebay – and am now sat back reaping the rewards. So much so in fact, that I’ve allowed myself a spot of online shopping aka, buying more stuff to replace the stuff I’ve sold. But with far less guilt.

The benefits of an enormous clear out for dust mite allergy sufferers are clear. Clutter gathers dust. But there is huge therepautic value as well in minimalism.

The stuff I’ve sold will no longer need to be cleaned, inspected, fixed, moved, rearranged or worried about ever again. Think of it as clearing out your mind as well as your home.

It’s certainly worthwhile, and in fact something I’ve grown to enjoy. Give it a shot!