Hello everyone. Yesterday was a particularly productive day in the war on dust.

Throughout the winter here in the UK we’ve had to lock down our doors and windows, and battle to keep as much heat in as possible. See, we have this weather in Britain where more often than not it’s either fairly cold or very cold. But not enough to make it exciting. Just chilly, grey and monotonous most of the time. And then it rains.

The problem then, particularly during winter, is we don’t get enough fresh air. While our cousins on continental Europe spend a lot of their time eating and relaxing outdoors, we struggle to enjoy that small pleasure, although we very much enjoy doing so.

So as a result of being indoors people, we are living in very poor atmospheres. I don’t have any figures to hand, but I’d hazard a guess Britain has much higher levels of asthma than, say, Spain.

So back to yesterday, we had an unseasonably mild day and I saw an opportunity. I threw the windows wide open and tried to get as much air in as possible.

Then, after a good old deep clean, I shut the windows at the end of the day and put my air purifier on at full speed for the rest of the day.

It’s difficult to get exact results from doing this, but I certainly felt the air I was breathing was ‘cleaner’. A bit like climbing in to a bed with fresh sheets.

Hopefully the weather keeps getting better, and I can keep doing this. Fresh air really is important, and best of all, it’s free!