Hello everyone. I feel like my dust Diary may have inadvertently turned in to a weather diary – but the nature of allergies I suppose is intrinsically linked to the seasons. That and the fact I’m British and we just love to talk about it ?

So here we go. It’s freezing again. Literally. So this means sinuses all over the place, central heating turned up to 11, spending too long indoors.

The whole spectrum of allergy woes really. However, having kept on top of my cleaning recently, I feel in a good position to stay healthy.

Looking back to when I had no idea about allergies I can’t believe the environment I slept in. Thick dust would accumulate under my bed. I’d be surrounded by cds, pictures, clothes, rugs and anything else you can think of that gathers dust. And I used to lie there sneezing and itching, oblivious to the cause.

So nowadays, although the winter does pose a challenge I’m in a much better place. Keep those dust mites out, and you really will feel the benefit.