Feels like forever since I wrote one of these. That’s probably because it is! Over a year in fact. But that doesn’t mean lots hasn’t been going on. It just means I’ve been extra lazy with my writinf of late…

In fact, on the dust mite front I’ve been extra busy. It’s so, so important to keep to a routine and keep grinding away dusting, freezing and everything else that is necessary to keep those dust mites at bay. And that’s precisely what I’ve been doing.

In fact I’ve had an almighty clear out. I’ve sold an extraordinary amount of things on ebay, and given even more away to charity. Keep that clutter down is so important.

And I’ve decorated my entire bedroom. I had no carpets anyway, but I’ve gone even further and removed any last upholstery, ornament or unnecessary painting that was gathering dust. I’ve gone militant. The local dust mites will be up in arms!

It’s not been easy. I’ve had to part with things I liked and remove things I used. I’ve lived out of a suitcase while I’ve been painting and moved more furniture than I care to mention. But already I can feel a benefit. My eyes feel clearer and my sinuses don’t have that creeping, blocked up feeling I was starting to get.

So if you’re struggling too with allergies, might I recommend an almighty spring clean like I did. You won’t regret it.