Hi everyone. I must confess, I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment.

You see, I spend a large proportion of my time trying to avoid dust. House Dust Mites play absolute havock with me. So I dust. I vacuum. I spend ages washing bedding. And then what happens? Summer comes along.

Now here’s the worst bit. Summer is actually much better for me. The warm weather soothes my sinuses, relaxes me, and generally makes things more pleasant.

I’m sure that’s the case for everyone, but it’s certainly the case for someone susceptible to regular colds and sinusitis.

But the problem is, the summer months also bring pollen sweeping in to my bedroom.

So whilst I’m battling dust mites with one hand, I’m now trying to fend off hay fever with the other.

It’s beyond annoying. It’s depressing actually. But nevertheless, we must press on.

I’ve invested in a brand spanking new air purifier. I’m replacing all my pillows and mattress and I’m sticking religiously to my prescription medication. Like clockwork. It’s helping.

So if you’re in the same boat, don’t despair. You’ve just gotta put the groundwork in and reap the rewards.