If, like me, you spend loads of time trawling the Internet, grasping at any moral of information that could be the difference between a nice, healthy life and one dogged by allergies, you will definitely have stumbled across this advice. Get an air purifier.

I got one originally a few years back. I was taking my first steps into trying to get on top of my dust mite allergies, and went for a small, basic Bionaire thing.

I used it a lot initially, and obviously when you change the filter on these things you can see quite clearly that it’s trapped loads of dust.

I was happy with the price, and thought it was worth buying – but after a while I thought to myself, “hold on, is this actually doing anything to help me?”

I don’t think it was. I couldn’t really tell the difference. The thing just droned on in the background, starting to annoy me more and more.  It was a bit like the deterioration of the relationship between Tom Hanks and Wilson the volleyball in the film Cast Away.  And indeed, I did feel a pang of sadness when I decided it was finally time to let go and cast my air purifier off into the ocean.  Or in my case, sell it on Ebay.

But Aren’t Air Purifers Great For Allergies?

Well, yes.  About a year after I ended my initial foray into the air purification arena I found myself continually stumbling upon reviews and information about how useful they were.

Especially for someone like me who spends some time virtually every day trying to learn more and more about the best ways to combat allergies, it was unavoidable.  Air purification was a tried and tested way to keep the allergen causing me all these problems at bay.

So I set about buying a new one.

I had originally set my heart on buying one of those fancy Dyson cool fans which doubles up as an air purifier.  However, having done extensive research on reviews from reputable sources, I found they weren’t all that great at filtering out dust.  They were rated poor in fact.  As a air cooler, they did a great job.  But my number one priority is to filter out dust and, despite Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II recently being snapped with one in her front room, I thought better of it.  Particularly at £500+

So I settled on a much cheaper, but hefty Vax air purifier, with rave reviews.  And in fact, I’ve got it on at the moment.

So Is It Worth It For Dust Allergies?

Well – so far so good.  At the moment I’m being battered from all angles.  The pollen count is high.  The weather is roasting meaning I can’t sleep without leaving windows wide open, which means more pollen flowing in.  I’ve not dusted properly for a while and my eczema is all over the place.  So it’s difficult to gauge.

However, I’m almost certain the air inside my bedroom is less troublesome.  After turning it on full blast, and letting it run for a while I can breathe totally naturally through both nostrils which – trust me – isn’t always the case.

My eyes are still itching like crazy, and I’ve got eczema all over the place so I can’t say it has revolutionised my life just yet, but the early signs are good.

The other positives are, so the reviewers assure me, the energy usage on these things is actually relatively low so you’re only looking at a few pounds each month even if you were to run it on medium constantly, which I won’t.  So it’s not a bad investment in that regard.

So, if like me you’re willing to try virtually anything to ease your symptoms my advice is simple.  Yes, they’re definitely worth a try.

Look for an air purifier big enough to suit the room you want to use it in, preferably the bedroom.  And get one good enough and well reviewed enough to actually filter out dust particles – or at least the best that your budget can stretch to.  There’s little point shelling out anything at all if they’re not going to filter any of that evil dust.

It’s actually a reasonably good idea to look for second hand purifiers online as the filters are obviously interchangable so it should work as good as new.  Plus, there seem to be loads being sold second hand as people tend to buy them on impulse, then never use them.  So there are bargains to be had.

Anyway, that’s it for today.  Give it a shot, and let me know if you have any success in the comment!