Hi, and welcome to the site.  I’m a writer, blogger and web developer.  Over the years I have acquired expertise in dust related allergies and symptoms including perennial allergic sinusitis, rhinitis, eczema and general allergy symptoms.  That tends to happen when you’re battling them every day.  
In 2017 I decided to develop a single, quality resource for fellow allergy sufferers, to help them improve their symptoms and generally improve their quality of life.  Dust Blog provides information on house dust mites themselves, on health conditions and on associated remedies and products.

Dust Blog aims to provide the most objective views possible, which are always evidence led, and hopefully a bit entertaining along the way. As such have a zero tolerance threshold for homeopathy or pseudo-science.  In the field of allergies particularly there are a number of homeopathic, herbal and ‘traditional’ remedies. Although I don’t judge anybody else if they have a treatment which they value, I consider all such remedies placebos which have no basis in fact.  All my own judgements and opinion pieces are based on empirical, objective observations and personal experiences.

 If I recommend a product it is always on the basis that this product has been deemed to provide relief for allergy sufferers, and never for solely commercial gains.  In fact Dust Blog could be said to be waging a personal crusade against homeopathy, and those who seek to exploit sufferers.

I want to share my knowledge and expertise as much as possible with the goal of eradicating suffering among house dust mite allergy sufferers, and learn a little along the way.  Please feel free to connect with me on social media channels, and interact on my blog posts so we can start a conversation in the war against house dust mite.

It can be a lonely place sometimes, to suffer from allergies.  Sometimes people think you’re exaggerating, or even making it up altogether.  But those who suffer know how debilitating it can be.  But you’re not alone.

I hope you benefit from reading my blog, and let me know if you have any comments!