Dust Diary: Day 47

Hello everyone. Brief allergy updates here. I think my year of allergy attention is really starting to pay off. For lack of a better analogy, let's do a world first and make the analogy of allergies as the stock market: Eczema - down. Sinusitis - down. Fatigue - down. Perrenial allergic rhinitis - down. Despite … Continue reading Dust Diary: Day 47

Dust Diary: Day 41

Hello everyone. I feel like my dust Diary may have inadvertently turned in to a weather diary - but the nature of allergies I suppose is intrinsically linked to the seasons. That and the fact I'm British and we just love to talk about it šŸ˜‚ So here we go. It's freezing again. Literally. So … Continue reading Dust Diary: Day 41

Dust Diary: Day 39

Hello everyone. Yesterday was a particularly productive day in the war on dust. Throughout the winter here in the UK we've had to lock down our doors and windows, and battle to keep as much heat in as possible. See, we have this weather in Britain where more often than not it's either fairly cold … Continue reading Dust Diary: Day 39

Dust Diary: Day 38

Hello everyone. Monster clear out yesterday, and for someone who claims to be a minimalist I couldn't quite believe how much clutter I had. If you had asked me before I would have sworn blind I had little to no junk. And yet, after much rummaging, out came cameras, old mobile phones, clothes, cables, and … Continue reading Dust Diary: Day 38

Dust Diary: Day 24

Hello everyone. Apparently Storm Georgia is raging through Britain today. We now asign names to our storms like they do in the US, only they're not hurricanes and usually all it just leads to lots of chuntering and the occasional displaced cat. On the allergy front though, it's not all bad. Storms are usually associated … Continue reading Dust Diary: Day 24

Dust Diary: Day 14

Hello everyone. Still in the depths of darkest winter here in the UK. There is a slight South Easterly wind blowing. With temperatures highs of 6 degrees and lows of -1 tonight, enough to test the most thermal of underwear, but not enough to raise even an eyebrow from a Norwegian. Why am I rambling … Continue reading Dust Diary: Day 14